Sandalwood Powder With Vitamin E Oil To Remove Dark Spots

Dark black/brown spots usually appear on our skin because of pimples or accidents and mostly they take lot of time to disappear from your skin but today I will share one natural remedy that is super effective to fight against these scars on your face.

For this remedy you will need

Sandalwood powder
Rose water
Vitamin E capsule

What to do

  1. In a bowl take 1 spoon of sandalwood powder
  2. Add 2 spoons of rose water in this
  3. Pinch 1 vitamin E capsule and add this oil into this paste
  4. Mix it well and your magical face pack is ready
  5. First clean your face with luke warm water and apply this pack on your face
  6. Leave for 30 minutes
  7. Wash your face with plain water
  8. Use this pack on every alternate day and within a week you can see difference in your skin

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